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准备好教学! 对教师的需求将会增加

According to the National Golf Foundation, from 2000 to 2019, the number of rounds played in the United States steadily decreased, and many courses closed. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, people turned to golf as a safe, outdoor activity since so many other activities were shuttered, and the number of rounds played was the highest since 2002. But, would that momentum continue into 2021?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” The number of rounds played in 2021 actually increased 6% over 2020, surpassing rounds played in 2020. The good news is that people who discovered or re-discovered golf have found that the sport offers them tremendous enjoyment and in spending quality time with friends and family. Demand for golf teachers increased, as well.
Time will tell if this upward trend continues, but all signs at this moment look good.
根据美国国家高尔夫基金会的数据,从 2000 年到 2019 年,美国的打球需求逐步减少,许多球场被迫关闭。 2020 年 COVID-19 开始大流行席卷全球,许多其他活动都被关闭了,人们将高尔夫作为一种安全的户外活动,所以打球的轮数升到了自 2002 年以来的最高水平。但是,这种势头会是否会持续到 2021 年呢 ?

答案是肯定的。 与 2020 年相比,2021 年打球的轮数实际上增加了 6%,超过了 2020 年的轮数。好消息是,人们再次发现这项运动为他们提供了巨大的乐趣,并且可以和家人、朋友一起共度美好时光。 当然对高尔夫教师的需求也在增加。



Southeast: Ron Cox from Nashville, Tennessee, emerged victorious over a field of 15 other competitors in winning the USGTF Southeast Region Championship in February at Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club. The course played extremely difficult as the conditions throughout were firm and fast, with a fair amount of wind, to boot.
东南部:来自田纳西州纳什维尔的罗恩·考克斯(Ron Cox)于 2 月在 Temple Terrace 高尔夫乡村俱乐部赢得了 USGTF 东南部地区冠军,战胜了其他 15 名参赛者。值得一提的是由于整个果岭坚固而快速,而且风量很大,因此这个球场是非常困难的。
Cox opened with a 74 to forge a three-stroke lead over Eric Hammer from Melbourne, Florida. Cox then shot 79 for a two-day total of 153 to outlast Hammer by four strokes. Brent Davies from Clarkston, Michigan, finished third, followed by Central Region director Tony McMullin from Mason, Ohio; Carlos de Barros from Lake Worth, Florida; national course director Mark Harman from Ridgeland, South Carolina, and David Frantz from Bradenton, Florida, to round out the players who finished in the money.
考克斯开局打出 74 杆,领先佛罗里达州墨尔本的埃里克·汉默三杆。考克斯随后在两天内打出 79 杆,总共打出 153 杆,领先 Hammer  4 杆。来自密歇根州克拉克斯顿的布伦特戴维斯获得第三名,紧随其后的是来自俄亥俄州梅森的中部地区总监托尼麦克穆林,来自佛罗里达州莱克沃思的 Carlos de Barros,来自南卡罗来纳州里奇兰的国家球场总监马克·哈曼和来自佛罗里达州布雷登顿的大卫·弗兰茨,以上球员均有获得奖金。
Northeast: The 2022 Northeast Region Championship will be held Tuesday, June 16, at Mountain View Golf Course in Ewing, New Jersey. The entry fee is $185. For more information and to enter, please contact region director Bob Corbo at simductivegolf@gmail.com.
东北部:2022 年东北地区锦标赛将于 6 月 16 日星期二在新泽西州尤因的山景高尔夫球场举行。入场费为185美元。欲了解更多信息并进入,请通过 simductivegolf@gmail.com 联系区域总监 Bob Corbo。
Central: The 2022 Central Region Championship will be held at the City of Mason Golf Center in Mason, Ohio, July 31- August 1. This course hosted the PGA Tour Champions Kroger Classic for almost 20 years; a fair and challenging course from all tees. The champion will have to play two solid rounds to be crowned here! The entry fee of $220 includes 18 holes and cart each day, range balls, skins game and prize fund. Tee times will start at 12:10 p.m. each day. The course is approximately 20 minutes north of Cincinnati, and 40 minutes north of the Greater Cincinnati Airport. It is a straight drive up I-71 with plenty of hotels and food in the area. For more information or to register, contact Central Region director Tony McMullin at tmcmullin72@yahoo.com.

中部地区:2022 年中部地区锦标赛将于 7 月 31 日至 8 月 1 日在俄亥俄州梅森市的梅森市高尔夫中心举行。这是一个所有发球台都公平且很有挑战性的球场,该球场举办了近 20 年的美巡赛冠军克罗格精英赛,选手必须打两轮才能在这里加冕冠军! 220 美元的报名费包括每天 18 洞和球车、练习场、娱乐赛比赛和奖金。开球时间将从下午 12:10 开始。每天。该球场距辛辛那提以北约 20 分钟路程,距大辛辛那提机场以北约 40 分钟路程。沿着 I-71 公路直行,该地区有很多酒店和美食。如需更多信息或注册,请通过 tmcmullin72@yahoo.com 联系中部地区总监 Tony McMullin。

要了解有关这些和其他 USGTF 成员活动的更多信息,请访问 www.USGTF.com 并查看锦标赛的“随时了解情况”部分。

USGTF 即将举行的认证课程:

Las Vegas, NV – Mar. 14-18
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Fort Pierce, FL – April 4-8
Princeton, NJ – May 2-6
Las Vegas, NV – May 16-20
Evansville, IN – May 16-20
Fort Pierce, FL – June 20-24


JoaquinNiemann first became known to the golfing public when he became the #1-ranked amateur in the world. He turned professional in April 2018 and as a 19-year-old finished 6th in the Valero Texas Open in his professional debut. He finished in the top 10 in four of his first eight starts on the PGA Tour, securing his playing rights for the following season.

华金尼曼在成为世界排名第一的业余爱好者时首次为高尔夫公众所知。他于 2018 年 4 月转为职业选手,19 岁的他在职业处子秀中在德州瓦莱罗公开赛中获得第 6 名。在美巡赛的前八场比赛中,他有四场进入前十,确保了下个赛季的比赛权利。

To the surprise of no one, he became a winner on the Tour when he captured the 2019 Military Tribute at the Greenbrier. Two more opportunities to win fell by the wayside in 2021 when he lost playoffs, but recently won the Genesis Open at storied Riviera Country Club in California for his second victory.

出乎所有人意料的是,当他在 Greenbrier 获得 2019 年军事贡品时,他成为了巡回赛的冠军。 2021 年,当他在季后赛中失利时,又有两次获胜的机会被搁置了,但最近在加利福尼亚著名的里维埃拉乡村俱乐部赢得了创世纪公开赛,这是他的第二场胜利。

Niemann, from Chile, has the pedigree and talent to make a splash for years to come. He played on the international side at the Presidents Cup in 2019 and will be a mainstay on that squad for a long time. Majors and other important victories in the future would surprise no one. And if you see Niemann in contention, be sure that he will not fold and other players will have to play their best to knock him off.

来自智利的尼曼拥有在未来几年引起轰动的血统和天赋。他在 2019 年的总统杯上代表国家队出场,并将在很长一段时间内成为这支球队的中流砥柱。未来的大满贯和其他重要胜利不会让任何人感到惊讶。如果您看到 Niemann 在竞争中,请确保他不会弃牌,其他玩家将不得不尽最大努力将他击倒。

职业教练档案-强尼 麦克斯克

After spending 25 years in the business world, Johnny McCosker decided that a career following his passion was the best course of action. So, at age 46, McCosker attended a USGTF certification course and began his second career.
在商界工作了 25 年后,Johnny McCosker 决定追随他的激情的职业生涯是最好的行动方针。 因此,在 46 岁时,McCosker 参加了 USGTF 认证课程并开始了他的第二职业。

He had played high school and college golf, but that went on the backburner as he forged a business career, first with Stanley Works (the tool company) for eight years and then in the insurance world in New England for the next 15. He talked things over with his wife and then took the leap of faith in 2004 in becoming a USGTF member.

他曾在高中和大学打过高尔夫球,但在他开拓商业生涯时,这件事被搁置了,首先在 Stanley Works(工具公司)工作了八年,然后在接下来的 15 年在新英格兰的保险界工作。他和他的妻子结束了其他事业,然后在 2004 年大踏步地成为了 USGTF 成员。

“I just find it so much fun, enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding,” said McCosker of his golf career. “And seeing kids grow up and being part of their lives is really special.” McCosker has spent the last 13 years at The Quechee Club in Quechee, Vermont, one of the state’s best private, four-season recreation and golf facilities, as an assistant golf professional, and for five years was the junior coordinator, He greatly increased the participation in ladies’ league play by more than 50 percent, and designed instruction clinics specifically for women in improving golf skills and increasing their enjoyment of the game.

“我只是觉得它非常有趣、愉快、令人满意和有益,”麦考斯克谈到他的高尔夫生涯时说。 “看到孩子长大并成为他们生活的一部分真的很特别。” McCosker 过去 13 年在佛蒙特州 Quechee 的 The Quechee 俱乐部工作,该俱乐部是该州最好的私人俱乐部、四个赛季的青少年赛事场地之一,担任高尔夫职业球员的助理,五年来一直担任初级协调员,他大大提升了女子联赛的参与度超过了50%,并专门为女性设计了提高高尔夫技能的课程,让她们更享受比赛。

He recently stepped back from his position at Quechee in order to renovate a home in Vero Beach, Florida. He plans to play more golf, improving his game and resume his teaching career once his house is finished. McCosker also is involved in club fitting and repair, another passion of his. And having the best of both worlds, he plans to play with friends and members at Quechee when he’s in Vermont for the summer.
最近他辞去了在 Quechee 的=工作,去翻新他在佛罗里达州维罗海滩的一所房屋,并计划打更多的高尔夫球,以提高他的水平,并将在他的房子完工后恢复他的教学生涯。 McCosker 还做了一些球杆的维修,这是他的另一项爱好。 他计划在夏天在佛蒙特州与 Quechee 的朋友和会员一起玩玩,两全其美。

McCosker has developed a number of good players, with one currently having professional aspirations. “I’ve had a great career developing so many relationships,” he commented.
McCosker 培养出了许多优秀的球员,其中一位目前已经有加入职业的想法。 “我在这方面有很多关系”他评论道。

By Graham Lewis, USGTF Professional
明星学生 – 沃克·拉金
来自格雷厄姆刘易斯,USGTF 专业人士

Walker Larkin is a junior at Glynn Academy High School in Brunswick, Georgia, and a straight-A student. When Walker was in the 6th grade, he wanted to play on the middle school golf team (the best team in the state). His dad asked me to help Walker improve his game so he could compete. It was clear from the beginning that he loved the game, but was very frustrated with not improving faster. His swing was very athletic and somewhat old school, with a lot of lower body movement and a reverse C with a high finish and more erect posture (ala Johnny Miller).
沃克·拉金(Walker Larkin)是佐治亚州不伦瑞克市格林学院高三的学生,也是一名全优学生。 沃克上六年级的时候,他想参加中学高尔夫球队(该州最好的球队)。 他的父亲让我帮助沃克提高他的比赛水平,这样他就可以参加比赛了。 从一开始就很明显他喜欢这项运动,但对没有更快地进步感到非常沮丧。 他的挥杆很有运感,而且有点老派,下半身移动很多,拥有一个反向C的高点收杆姿势。

As we worked on stabilizing the lower body and attaining better posture, he improved enough to make the team. Throughout middle school while working on mechanics, we addressed his frustration and anxiety by setting more realistic goals. He wanted too much too quick. Improvement was slow but evident.
当我们努力稳定下半身并获得更好的姿势时,他的进步足够应付球队。 在整个中学期间,我们在研究力学时,通过设定更现实的目标来解决他的挫败感和焦虑。 他想要的太多太快了,虽然改善缓慢但还是很明显的。

When Walker started high school, his goal was to make the varsity, which was and is one of the very top teams in the state. In an effort to gain more distance, he developed two flaws that we began to address. He was over-the-top in his transition and buried his chin on the downswing. We incorporated the Freddy Couples swing as part of his pre-shot routine and the over-the-top move was cured.
当沃克开始上高中时,他的目标就是进入大学校队,这是该州最顶尖的球队之一。 为了拉开距离,我们已经开始解决他发现的两个缺陷。 他在球杆达到顶端后的下杆时,下巴埋了起来。 我们用 Freddy Couples 挥杆动作解决了他的问题。

Last year, Walker’s driver swing speed was measured at 112 mph on the GC Quad launch monitor and was hitting down three to five degrees. Recently, he was measured with a slight speed increase but is now hitting up at three degrees, and his distance has improved by 30 yards, resulting in 295-yard drives. We attribute this success to the Couples routine and what I call the thumb-up drill, which has tremendously increased his lag to the point it rivals anyone on tour.
去年,在 GC Quad 测试仪上测量到沃克的一号木挥杆速度为 112 英里/小时,击球角度下降了 3 到 5 度。 最近,他被测出挥杆速度又略有增加,但现在击球角度为 3 度,他的距离提高了30 码,从而实现了295 码的开球。 我们将这归功于the Couples routine(一种挥杆练习器)的常规训练以及我所说的竖起大拇指训练,这极大地增加了他的释放滞后性,这让他可以和巡回赛中的任何人相媲美。

Walker has made the varsity this year and is now breaking 80 routinely from 7,200 yards. His scores don’t reflect the quality of his ball striking, so we are now devoting practice time to better course management. He remains in love with the game of golf, and his dealing with frustration and anxiety continues to improve. He would like to play college golf after he graduates from high school.
沃克今年进入了校队,现在 7,200 码的球场他已经开突破了 80 杆。 他现在的杆数并不能反映他的水平,因此我们现在将练习时间用于更好的比赛策略。 他仍然热爱高尔夫运动,他对挫折和焦虑的处理能力也在不断改善。 他想在高中毕业后去大学打球。

美津浓向 USGTF 会员提供新品

The Mizuno Golf, a longtime industry partner with the USGTF, has announced a further discount to USGTF members on all its products. USGTF members in good standing may now purchase Mizuno irons, woods and golf balls for 21% off the listed wholesale price, an increase from the previous 15%. Further, for on-time payment, an additional 5% discount will be offered.
美津浓高尔夫是 USGTF 的长期行业合作伙伴,已宣布向 USGTF 会员提供其所有产品的进一步折扣。 信誉良好的 USGTF 成员现在可以以低于上市批发价 21% 的价格购买美津浓铁杆、木杆和高尔夫球,高于之前的 15%。 此外,对于按时付款,将提供额外 5% 的折扣。

Mizuno irons are known for their outstanding quality and feel, and their driver and fairway wood line is gaining a reputation as well respected as the irons’. To take advantage of this pricing, orders may be placed through the USGTF National Office at member_service@usgtf.com or (772) 88-USGTF.
美津浓铁杆以其卓越的品质和手感而闻名,他们的一号木杆和球道木线获得了与铁杆一样的声誉。 为利用此定价,可通过 USGTF 全国办公室发送订单至 member_service@usgtf.com 或 (772) 88-USGTF。


Virtually ever since golf began, the player has had a faithful sidekick known as a caddie. “Caddie” comes from the French word “cadet,” which loosely translated means the younger.
几乎从打高尔夫球开始,球员就有了一个忠实的伙伴,被称为球童。 “Caddie”来自法语单词“cadet”,大致翻译为年轻的意思。

Films of golf competitions in the past show young people caddying for players such as Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, and it’s hard to imagine them giving these two greats much advice. Back then, they simply carried the clubs, cleaned the golf balls and tended the flagstick. As professional golf became more of an actual profession where players could earn a full-time income, caddies grew in importance. Their responsibilities evolved into figuring yardages, recommending club selection and reading greens.

Today on all the major tours, caddies are generally good players in their own right, with quite a few transitioning from playing on the PGA Tour to caddying. Perhaps the most notable was Lance Ten Broeck, who had a decent playing career before taking up the bag of Jesper Parnevik. Others include Jimmie Johnson, longtime caddie for Justin Thomas; Paul Tesori, caddie for Vijay Singh and now Webb Simpson, and Damon Green, a mini-tour legend and former Korn Ferry Tour player who most famously caddied Zach Johnson to two major championships.
如今,在所有主要巡回赛中,球童本身通常都是出色的球员,其中有不少人从 PGA 巡回赛的比赛过渡到当球童。也许最值得注意的是兰斯十布鲁克,他在接手 Jesper Parnevik 之前有过不错的职业生涯。其他人包括贾斯汀托马斯的长期球童吉米约翰逊; Paul Tesori,Vijay Singh 和现在的 Webb Simpson 的球童,以及 Damon Green,一个迷你巡回赛的传奇人物和前光辉国际巡回赛球员,他最著名的球童 Zach Johnson 获得两个大满贯冠军。

Modern caddies often have lengthy discussions with their players before each shot, as witnessed on television. They also have to be psychologists and coaches in addition to caddies, demonstrating varied skills. The best caddie today is considered to be Jim “Bones” Mackay, former caddie for Phil Mickelson and now on the bag of Justin Thomas. Caddies for the best players are also handsomely rewarded, with many of them earning good six-figure salaries. Caddies truly have to be masters of the game in today’s competitive field.





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