《USGTF 新闻资讯》2023年9月期刊




The deadline to enter the 2023 United States Golf Teachers Cup, to be held Monday and Tuesday, October 9-10 at the Revere Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, is Wednesday, September 13. As in recent years, this tournament will feature a concurrent pro-am (although bringing an amateur partner is not required for participation). The entry fee of $595 includes two rounds of tournament golf plus range balls, prize money, and an awards luncheon following play. Play will be contested in three divisions: Open, Senior and Super Senior, with women competitors placed in the appropriate age division playing from shorter tees.


For more information and to register, please visit http://www.usgtf.com/uscup.


Are you interested in taking your teaching skills to the next level? The next USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional® certification course will be held Monday-Wednesday, December 11-13, at the USGTF National Office in Fort Pierce, Florida. In addition to lower playing ability test requirements, candidates must submit a written thesis, do a shotmaking demonstration and pass a written teaching test. Candidates must have been a fully certified member in good standing for a minimum of 12 months.

To register, please visit http://www.usgtf.com/master-golf-teaching-professional.

由彼得•雅克利克(Peter Jaklic)撰写

Under an overcast sky with a steady drizzle, the stage was set for the 2023 CGTF Cup at Tyandaga Golf and Country Club in Burlington, Ontario, August 24. Although not long, Tyandaga proved to be quite a challenge, especially in the wet conditions. Our longtime member, Brad Weake, and his entire team at Tyandaga were, once again, incredible hosts.
在一片多云的天空下,细雨不断,2023年8月24日,位于安大略省伯灵顿的Tyandaga高尔夫乡村俱乐部为CGTF杯做好了准备。尽管Tyandaga不算太长,但在潮湿的条件下,它被证明是一个相当大的挑战。我们长期的会员布拉德•维克(Brad Weake)和他在Tyandaga的整个团队再次表现出色。

In the end, there were almost 30 CGTF members competing. This year, more golfers were able to break the 80 mark than last year. Our president, Marc Ray, had the tournament round of his life, shooting a 71 despite a triple bogey on the narrow par-5 17th. Peter Jaklic was runner-up, carding a 76, and new member J.P. Van Rooyen rounded out the top three by overcoming some early nerves to shoot an impressive 77. Mel Hennigar, Alex Chan and Urb Van Bendegem came in at 78.
最终,有近30名CGTF会员参加了比赛。今年,比去年更多的高尔夫球手能够打破80的分数。我们的主席马克•雷(Marc Ray)在狭窄的第17洞(标准杆5杆)上出现三杆柏忌的情况下,打出了他生涯中最好的一轮,以71杆的成绩获胜。彼得•雅克利克(Peter Jaklic)获得亚军,打出76杆,而新会员J.P.范•罗伊恩(J.P. Van Rooyen)克服了一些早期的紧张情绪,打出了令人印象深刻的77杆,位列前三名。梅尔•亨尼加尔(Mel Hennigar)、亚历克斯•陈(Alex Chan)和厄尔布•范•本德杰姆(Urb Van Bendegem)的成绩是78杆。

A friendly putting and chipping competition was awaiting all members upon the completion of their rounds. Our CGTF educational lead, Jeff Howe, continued to provide us with teaching tools, training aids and discussion points to help us all learn from one another’s experiences. This sharing of knowledge simply added to the sentiment of camaraderie.
在比赛结束后,所有会员都迎来了友好的推杆和挥杆比赛。我们的CGTF教育负责人杰夫•豪(Jeff Howe)继续为我们提供教学工具、训练辅助工具和讨论要点,以帮助我们从彼此的经验中学习。这种知识的分享进一步增强了团结友爱的情感。

As the afternoon progressed, all of us were honored by a visit from our former president and founder, Bob Bryant. Bob eloquently shared his thoughts about our
growing organization and reaffirmed that our present leadership, under Marc Ray, is one of the pivotal reasons to our great success. As a token of appreciation, the CGTF Cup has now been renamed the Bob Bryant Trophy to recognize the growth of the
organization over the formative years under Bob’s tenure.
随着下午的进展,我们所有人都受到了我们前任主席和创始人鲍勃•布莱恩特(Bob Bryant)的莅临。鲍勃优雅地分享了他对我们不断壮大的组织的看法,并重申了我们当前的领导者马克•雷的成功的关键原因之一。作为感激之情的象征,CGTF杯现已更名为鲍勃•布莱恩特奖杯,以表彰在鲍勃任内这些关键年份组织的增长。

Central – The USGTF Central Region Championship will be played Sunday and Monday, September 24-25, at Walden Ponds Golf Course in Hamilton, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. The entry fee of $250 includes two tournament rounds, range balls, and prize money which includes not only tournament finishes but any side games. To enter and for more information, please call region director Tony McMullin at (513) 479-6895.
中部地区 – 美国高尔夫教练联盟(USGTF)中部地区锦标赛将于9月24日和25日,星期日和星期一,在俄亥俄州辛辛那提市近郊汉密尔顿的Walden Ponds高尔夫球场举行。报名费为250美元,包括两轮锦标赛回合、练习球和奖金,奖金不仅包括锦标赛名次,还包括任何附带比赛。要报名并获取更多信息,请致电地区总监托尼•麦克穆林(Tony McMullin)电话:(513) 479-6895。


Las Vegas, NV – September 4-8
Princeton, NJ – September 4-8
Fresno, CA – September 11-15
Evansville, IN – September 11-15
Atlanta, GA – September 18-22
Fort Pierce, FL – September 25-29
Houston, TX – September 25-29

拉斯维加斯,内华达州 – 9月4日至8日
普林斯顿,新泽西州 – 9月4日至8日
弗雷斯诺,加利福尼亚州 – 9月11日至15日
埃文斯维尔,印第安纳州 – 9月11日至15日
亚特兰大,佐治亚州 – 9月18日至22日
福特皮尔斯,佛罗里达州 – 9月25日至29日
休斯顿,得克萨斯州 – 9月25日至29日


“职业高尔夫球手档案 – 巡回职业球员维克托•霍夫兰德”

He came onto the PGA Tour in 2019 with two other heralded collegiate stars, Matthew Wolfe and Collin Morikawa. Most pundits said Morikawa had the highest ceiling followed by Wolfe, with Hovland third. Wolfe was the first to win on Tour, and Morikawa lived up to his billing by winning two majors relatively quickly.

Hovland? It took him a while, but he has now reached the pinnacle of achievement for the season-long FedEx Cup competition by winning the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta, Georgia. It caps off an amazing two-week run for Hovland, who also won the previous week’s BMW Championship. He took home the richest prize in golf, $18 million, and has set himself up to be one of Europe’s stars in the upcoming Ryder Cup in Italy.


“职业教练“档案 – USGTF会员吉姆•奥尼尔”

My golf story is a long one; I’ll give everyone a break with some highlights. At 10 years old, I had my first golf lesson at Eagle Haven Golf Course with head pro Lefty on Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia. Yep, very close to Seal Team
Six training quarters.

My journey in golf is actually a very humbling one, so please understand this is my story. I’m not at all bragging about my accomplishments in this wonderful game of golf. In 1980, I made the Kempsville High School golf team, mainly because of head pro Jack Harvey at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach (Aeropines Golf Course). My father would buy me two lessons a year, and then both my father and Jack told me to practice. I practiced so much I ended up on a college NAIA golf team and won player of the year twice.
我的高尔夫之旅实际上是一个让人谦卑的旅程,所以请理解这是我的故事。我并不是在吹嘘我在这个美妙的高尔夫游戏中取得的成就。1980年,我进入了坎普斯维尔高中高尔夫队,主要是因为弗吉尼亚海滩的NAS奥西安纳基地(Aeropines高尔夫球场)的主教练杰克•哈维(Jack Harvey)。我父亲每年给我买两个课程,然后我父亲和杰克都告诉我要多练习。我练习得如此之多,以至于最终进入了一个大学的NAIA高尔夫球队,并两次获得年度最佳球员奖。

In 1986, I took my first PGA apprenticeship job under the then-active president of The Middle Atlantic PGA section, Don Saylor, at River Bend Country Club in Great Falls, Virginia. In 1990, I moved home to Virginia Beach and took a job under, again, an active president of the MAPGA, Gene Mattare.
1986年,我在弗吉尼亚州大瀑布的River Bend乡村俱乐部,受当时仍然活跃的美国中大西洋高尔夫球协会分部主席唐•塞勒(Don Saylor)的带领,开始了我的第一份PGA学徒工作。1990年,我搬回了弗吉尼亚海滩,并在再次是美国中大西洋高尔夫球协会分部主席的吉恩•马塔雷(Gene Mattare)的领导下找到了工作。
After three years of soul-searching, wondering if I was a player or a businessman in the PGA, I decided to get away from the game completely and focus on my new love. Mrs. Mia O’Neil entered my life, and we started our family under the wonderful global company Stihl Incorporated in Virginia Beach. Team Stihl allowed us to raise our three children Lashar, Brenden and Tameria for 28 years.
经过三年的思考,不知道自己是球员还是高尔夫业务员,我决定完全离开高尔夫比赛,专注于我的新爱好。米娅•奥尼尔女士进入了我的生活,我们在弗吉尼亚海滩的全球知名公司斯蒂尔(Stihl Incorporated)下开始了家庭生活。斯蒂尔团队让我们有机会在28年的时间里抚养我们的三个孩子:拉沙尔、布伦登和塔米里亚。
Currently, the United States Golf Teachers Federation has given me a rebirth in golf. I’m currently a Stihl retiree who plays in our company golf league on Thursdays. Now – praise God – I’m the full-time golf instructor at NAS Oceana and I’m in training to win again on what I call the teachers tour.
目前,美国高尔夫教练联盟为我在高尔夫方面带来了新的机会。我目前是斯蒂尔公司的退休员工,在星期四参加公司高尔夫联赛。现在 – 感恩上帝 – 我是NAS奥西安纳(NAS Oceana)的全职高尔夫教练,并在我称之为“教练巡回赛”的比赛中正在训练中,希望再次获胜。”

学生聚光灯 – 库珀•费舍尔

By Sean Moore, USGTF, Alexandria-Virginia
由肖恩•摩尔(Sean Moore),美国高尔夫教练联盟(USGTF),弗吉尼亚州亚历山大

Throughout my career in athletics and golf, I have had the privilege of working with numerous talents of all ages and genders. One of my first students when taking over as director of golf at Rudy’s Golf and Sports Bar in Alexandria, Virginia, was a young man named Cooper Fischer. He was an 11-year-old that was very new to golf but had tremendous experience in soccer. He wanted to give golf a try and was incredibly shy and unsure of what the future held for him in the sport.

We began our journey together once a week and truly started from scratch. We wanted him to eventually gain enough skill sets and confidence that he could play with his uncle and father. Cooper quickly began to show improvement, but more importantly, he started to get that sparkle in his eye when we worked together as you could see he was beginning to love the sport. Cooper was persistent in his pursuit to not only improve his swing, but he thrived on learning about course management, terminology, history and the people that have paved the way for golfers of all ages. With the support of his entire family, Cooper developed a tremendous swing and has built his confidence as a young man. He hits the range two or three times a week, including his structured lessons, and now reports back to me weekly regarding his strengths and weaknesses from his previous sessions.

Cooper and I have built a tremendous friendship as instructor and student. We grind on the range together while sharing a bag of sour gummies or a basket of fries. His post-lesson tradition: to sit with his family and have the famous grilled cheese from Rudy’s Golf. The Fischer family has not only supported their son and his drive to be a better golfer, but they have embraced the lifestyle. Cooper’s dad has also found a new spark as well and is excited about sharing the game again with his son. Cooper and I will continue to work together, and he may choose to try competition at some point.

However, in my eyes he has already won. He discovered the sport we all love so much. He’s improved his swing, his knowledge and his confidence. He is a tremendous example of hard work and commitment. He reminds me every week of why I choose to teach golf for a living, and I can’t wait to see the things Cooper is able to accomplish on and off the course.

高尔夫合作品牌 – 美津浓(Mizuno)

Many people associate Mizuno Golf irons with better players, and they would be correct. However, to assume that Mizuno makes irons only for better players would be incorrect. New in the JPX lineup for 2023 is the Hot Metal HL iron, designed to provide a slightly higher launch angle than the regular Hot Metal.

许多人将美津浓高尔夫球铁与优秀球手联系在一起,他们是正确的。然而,认为美津浓只为优秀球手制造铁杆是不正确的。2023年JPX系列中的新品是Hot Metal HL铁杆,旨在提供比常规的Hot Metal铁杆稍高的发球角度。


Not only that, but it offers the maximum amount of forgiveness of any iron in the Mizuno line. It is specifically designed for mid- to high-handicappers, although an argument can be made that players of greater ability would benefit from them, too. USGTF members enjoy a generous discount from Mizuno Golf. To take advantage of this program, please contact the USGTF National Office at (772) 88-USGTF.

不仅如此,它提供了美津浓系列中任何铁杆中最多的宽容度。它专门为中到高差点球手设计,尽管可以提出这样的论点,即更有实力的球员也会从中受益。美国高尔夫教练联盟(USGTF)会员享受美津浓高尔夫球的慷慨折扣。要利用这个计划,请联系USGTF国家办公室,电话:(772) 88-USGTF。

社论 – 如何从布莱森•德尚博在第十届LIV高尔夫比赛中打出的58杆来理解“高尔夫比赛”?

If you’re only a PGA Tour fan, you may have missed that Bryson DeChambeau shot a 58 at the Greenbrier in West Virginia to win his first title on the LIV Tour. In reviewing his round, it’s evident the skills he’s worked hard to develop paid off. He famously turned himself into a legitimate long-drive competitor, last year finishing second in the world championship. Two things stood out when looking at DeChambeau’s 58: his balance when hitting the driver and how well he putted.

His superior balance allowed him to hit long, accurate drives, giving him a lot of short irons and wedges into the greens on the par-70 course. It also helped that the course was softened by rain, as he was able to fire his wedges into the greens like hitting a dartboard. He rolled the putter as well as it could be. DeChambeau remarked how hard he’s been working on his game, and it paid off in perhaps the greatest round of golf that he’ll ever shoot.








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