《USGTF 新闻资讯》2022年7月期刊



Hyatt Place Plantation has been named the host hotel for the 26th annual United States Golf Teachers Cup to be held Monday and Tuesday, October 24-25, at Plantation Preserve Golf Club in Plantation, Florida, just west of Fort Lauderdale. Guest rates of $139 are available for king or double rooms from October 22 through October 26. Rooms include daily hot buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi, free parking, and is only seven minutes from Plantation Preserve Golf Club. You may call Hyatt Reservations at (888) 492-8847 and request Rate Code: G-USG1, or to book online visit Click Here.
Hyatt Place Plantation 已被指定为第 26 届年度美国高尔夫教师杯的主办酒店,将于 10 月 24 日至 25 日(周一至周二)在劳德代尔堡以西的佛罗里达州种植园保护区高尔夫俱乐部举行。 10 月 22 日至 10 月 26 日期间,特大号床或双人间的房价为 139 美元。客房包括每日热自助早餐、无线网络、免费停车场,距离 Plantation Preserve 高尔夫俱乐部仅 7 分钟路程。您可以拨打 (888) 492-8847 致电凯悦预订部并索取房价代码:G-USG1,或访问点击此处在线预订。

The U.S. Cup itself will utilize a pro-am format, as in the past. Each USGTF participant is invited to bring an amateur partner to play in the concurrent pro-am, although this is not a requirement to play in the Cup itself. Play will be in four divisions, Open, Senior (ages 50-67), Super Senior (68+), and Ladies. The entry fee is $525 for all participants and includes two rounds of tournament play, range balls prior to play, prize money, and a closing luncheon and awards ceremony.
与过去一样,美国杯还将采用职业/业余配对赛的形式。每位 USGTF 参赛者都可以邀请一名业余搭档参职业/业余配对赛,尽管这并不是参加杯赛本身的赛事。比赛将分为四个组别,公开组、高级组(50-67 岁)、超高级组(68 岁以上)和女士组。所有参与者的报名费为 525 美元,包括两轮比赛、赛前练习场、奖金以及闭幕午餐和颁奖典礼。
To register, please go to www.USGTF.com/USCup or call the USGTF National Office at (772)88-USGTF.
如需注册,请访问 www.USGTF.com/USCup 或致电 USGTF 国家办公室 (772)88-USGTF。

WGTF 前 50 名提名仍然在进行中

Nominations for the WGTF Top 50 Teachers and the 2022 Harvey Penick Trophy for Excellence in Golf Teaching are now being accepted. All teachers who wish to be considered must submit their nominations. In addition, after a pandemic-induced two-year absence, the Harvey Penick Trophy will be awarded in 2022. The award is based on teaching accomplishments, service to the golf community and to the game in general.
WGTF 前 50 名教练和 2022 年 Harvey Penick 高尔夫教学卓越奖的提名现在进行中。 所有希望参与评选的教练都必须提交他们的提名。 此外,在因冠状病毒大流行而缺席两年后,哈维佩尼克奖杯将于 2022 年进行颁发。该奖项主要是对在高尔夫社区和比赛进行教学服务取得成就的教练颁发。

All USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professionals and Master Golf Teaching Professionals, are eligible to be nominated for both honors, with the exception that former winners of the Harvey Penick Trophy are ineligible for that award. Nominations (including self-nominations) may be made through email at info@usgtf.com or through regular mail to the USGTF National Office at 200 S. Indian River Drive, #206, Fort Pierce, FL 34950. The deadline for nominations is Friday, September 9, 20122 at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

所有 USGTF 认证的高尔夫教练和大师级高尔夫教练都有资格获得这两项荣誉的提名,但哈维佩尼克奖杯的前获奖者没有资格获得该奖项。 提名(包括自我提名)可通过电子邮件 info@usgtf.com 或通过普通邮件发送至 USGTF 国内办公室,地址为 200 S. Indian River Drive, #206, Fort Pierce, FL 34950。提名截止日期为星期五 , 20122 年 9 月 9 日下午 5:00 美东时间。

By Hajime Morita, Director, USGTF-Japan
作者:Hajime Morita(USGTF日本总监)

Though the global spread of the coronavirus continues, the number of infections in Japan is decreasing, with about 60 percent of the population receiving three doses of the effective vaccine. We are gradually returning to normal pre-COVID life. The Japanese government reopened borders to foreign tourists on package tours on June 10. The requirement to wear a face mask outside will be eased soon.
尽管冠状病毒在全球范围内继续传播,但日本的感染人数正在减少,大约 60% 的人口接受了三剂疫苗。我们正在逐渐恢复到新冠病毒之前的正常生活。日本政府于 6 月 10 日重新向随团旅行的外国游客开放边境。在室外戴口罩的要求也将很快放宽。

As outdoor recreation is recognized to reduce the risk of infection, more and more people got interested in outdoor sports they can enjoy with friends. Golf is a sport played in a large outdoor space and has a lower risk of infection. That is why many players have come back to the golf courses. Most golf courses in Japan are now crowded with a lot of enthusiastic golfers. By taking every possible measure to prevent infections, USGTF-Japan is continuing the same activities we used to do before the pandemic. Along with the growing popularity of golf, the demand for golf teaching professionals is increasing. Our members are now needed more than ever among golfers who want to improve their golf, because they have learned the USGTF`s teachers learned proper methodology and they dedicate their passion for teaching golf to their students.
随着户外休闲被认为可以降低感染风险,越来越多的人对与朋友一起享受的户外运动产生了兴趣。高尔夫是一项在户外空间进行的运动,感染风险较低。这就是为什么许多球员回到高尔夫球场的原因。日本的大多数高尔夫球场现在都挤满了许多热情的高尔夫球手。通过采取一切可能的措施来预防感染,USGTF-Japan 正在继续我们在大流行之前所做的相同活动。随着高尔夫的日益普及,对高尔夫教学专业人士的需求也在不断增加。现在,想要提高高尔夫水平的高尔夫球手比以往任何时候都更需要我们的会员,因为他们学习了 USGTF教学的正确方法,并将他们对高尔夫教学的热情奉献给了学生。

区域新闻快递:东北冠军加冕 中西南地区冠军紧随其后

Northeast: Steve Pezzino captured the USGTF Northeast Region Championship played June 16 at Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, New Jersey. Pezzino fired a score of 80 to best runner-up Muhammad Aqeel by three shots. Winners of the various age groups were: 49-and-under, Walter Fung; 50-59, Aqeel; 60-69 Pezzino; 70+, Pete Palmisano, and Ladies, Sharon Barley.
东北部地区:史蒂夫•佩齐诺(Steve Pezzino)于 6 月 16 日在新泽西州尤因的山景高尔夫俱乐部举行的 USGTF 东北地区锦标赛中以 80 杆的成绩以 3 杆的优势击败了最佳亚军 Muhammad Aqeel。不同年龄组的获奖者是:49 岁及以下组的优胜者为Walter Fung; 50-59组的优胜者为阿基尔; 60-69组的优胜者为佩齐诺; 70+组的优胜者为Pete Palmisano,女士组的优胜者为Sharon Barley。

Central: The 2022 Central Region Championship will be held at the City of Mason Golf Center in Mason, Ohio, July 31- August 1. This course hosted the PGA Tour Champions Kroger Classic for almost 20 years; a fair and challenging course from all tees. The champion will have to play two solid rounds to be crowned here! The entry fee of $220 includes 18 holes and cart each day, range balls, skins game and prize fund. Tee times will start at 12:10 p.m. each day. The course is approximately 20 minutes north of Cincinnati, and 40 minutes north of the Greater Cincinnati Airport. It is a straight drive up I-71 with plenty of hotels and food in the area. For more information or to register, contact Central Region director Tony McMullin at tmcmullin72@yahoo.com.
中部地区:2022 年中部地区锦标赛将于 7 月 31 日至 8 月 1 日在俄亥俄州梅森市的梅森市高尔夫中心举行。该球场举办了近 20 年的美巡赛冠军克罗格精英赛,这是一个对所有球员公平的且具有挑战性的球场。两轮比赛后的成绩优胜者将成为冠军。比赛报名费 220 美元,包括每天 18 洞和球车、练习场、小游戏和奖金。开球时间将从每日12:10 开始。该球场距辛辛那提以北约 20 分钟路程,距大辛辛那提机场以北约 40 分钟路程。沿着 I-71 公路直行,该地区有很多酒店和美食。如需更多信息或注册,请通过 tmcmullin72@yahoo.com 联系中部地区总监 Tony McMullin。

Southwest: Festivities for the 2022 Southwest Region Championship will be held Friday-Sunday, September 9-11, at Twin Creeks Golf Club in Allen, Texas. There will be a welcome dinner the Friday evening, with two rounds of tournament play commencing Saturday. The entry fee is $225 and includes range balls. For more information and to enter, contact region director Bruce Sims at bsims@pga.com.

西南地区:2022 年西南地区锦标赛的庆祝活动将于 9 月 9 日至 11 日(周五至周日/两日)在德克萨斯州艾伦的双溪高尔夫俱乐部举行。周五晚上将举行欢迎晚宴,周六开始有两轮比赛。入场费为 225 美元,包括练习场费用。如需更多信息和进入,请通过 bsims@pga.com 联系区域总监 Bruce Sims。


June was a month of open championships for the United States Golf Association as both a men’s and women’s champion were crowned. On the ladies’ side, Australia’s Minjee Lee won in record fashion at Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club in North Carolina, shooting a four-round total of 271 to beat the old scoring record by a stroke. Lee was a previous USGA champion as she also won the U.S. Girls Junior championship in 2012. The U.S. Women’s Open title was her second major championship in her professional career.
美国高尔夫协会举办公开锦标赛在六月产生了男子和女子冠军。女子组冠军是来自澳大利亚的李敏杰Minjee Lee 在北卡罗来纳州的 Pine Needles Lodge的高尔夫俱乐部以创纪录的方式获胜,四轮比赛共打出 271 杆,以一杆优势打破了旧的纪录。 Lee 曾是 USGA 冠军,因为她还在 2012 年赢得了美国女子青少年锦标赛冠军。美国女子公开赛冠军是她职业生涯中的第二个大满贯冠军。

On the men’s side, Matt Fitzpatrick from England played a Ben Hogan-esque final round, hitting 17 greens in regulation and wound up defeating runners-up Will Zalatoris and Scottie Scheffler by a stroke. Great things had been predicted for Fitzpatrick, as he has won seven times internationally and, like Minjee Lee, was a former USGA champion, having captured the 2013 U.S. Amateur at the same course as this year’s U.S. Open, The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Fitzpatrick’s win capped off a run of fine form in 2022.

男子组冠军是来自英格兰的马特•菲茨帕特里克,他在最后一轮打出了本•霍根式的比赛,在决赛轮打出了17 个标准on果岭,最终以一杆之差击败了亚军威尔•扎拉托里斯和斯科蒂•舍夫勒。菲茨帕特里克 (Fitzpatrick) 的出色成就早被预言,因为他在国际上赢得了七次冠军,并且像李敏杰一样,是前美国高尔夫协会的冠军,在今年的美国公开赛在马萨诸塞州布鲁克莱恩的乡村俱乐部相同的球场上,赢得了 2013 年冠军的美国业余选手。菲茨帕特里克胜出结束了他在 2022 年一系列出色的表现。

教练档案:约翰•布拉夫JOHN BROUGH

John Brough is a USGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional and Class A PGA member residing in Bigsonia, Pennsylvania. He joined the USGTF in 2009 and completed his Master’s certification in September 2013. Currently Brough is the assistant golf professional at Treesdale Golf and Country Club, located north of Pittsburgh.
约翰•布拉夫 John Brough 是 USGTF 大师级高尔夫教练和 A 级 PGA 会员,居住在宾夕法尼亚州比格索尼亚。他于 2009 年加入 USGTF,并于 2013 年 9 月完成了他的硕士学位认证。目前,Brough 是位于匹兹堡北部的 Treesdale 高尔夫乡村俱乐部的助理高尔夫教练。

Each summer, Brough runs weekly clinics, monthly junior programs, weekly summer camps, and coaches three PGA Junior League teams. Having two 13U teams and one 17U team, which won the highest level of competition last summer. Brough is the lead instructor for the North Hills Golf Academy, where he instructs players of all levels throughout the year. Currently teaching over 200 junior golfers over the course of the year.
每年夏天,布拉夫都会进行每周一次的高尔夫教学、每月一次实施青少年计划、数周的夏令营,并指导三支 PGA 青少年联赛球队。拥有两支U13球队和一支U17球队,并赢得了去年夏天的最高级别比赛。布拉夫Brough 是 North Hills Golf Academy 的首席教练,他全年指导各级球员。目前在这一年的课程中教授超过 200 名初级高尔夫球手。

In addition to golf instruction and completing day-to-day golf operations at Treesdale. Brough is also heavily involved in golf fitness. Holding all three levels of SuperSpeed training, and several Titleist Performance Institute certifications which include Golf 2, Fitness 2, Power 2 and Junior Golf 2. Brough teaches a variety of individuals in fitness and speed training as well as a lot of golf-related fitness classes in the off-season at Treesdale.
在 Treesdale除了指导高尔夫和完成日常高尔夫操作,Brough 还积极参与高尔夫健身。持有所有三个级别的 SuperSpeed 训练,以及多项 Titleist Performance Institute 认证,包括 高尔夫2项、健身2项、力量 2项 和 青少年2项。Brough赛季后在Treesdale 教授各种个人的健身和速度训练以及许多与高尔夫相关的健身课程。

明星学生 – 费希尔•邓肯

Fisher Duncan is a 10-year-old junior golfer from Lafayette, Louisiana, and takes instruction from his coach, WGTF professional Thomas T Wartelle, at the Le Triomphe Golf Academy in Broussard. Fisher has only been playing golf for a few months. After starting with just one club, he is now truly enthralled by the game. He practices every day and has made great improvement in his game. He currently plays on the Le Triomphe Junior League Team. Fisher looks forward to stepping up to other junior competitions. When not golfing, Fisher is a quarterback on his football team.
费舍尔•邓肯 (Fisher Duncan) 是一名 10 岁的青少年高尔夫球手,来自路易斯安那州拉斐特,他在布鲁萨德的凯旋门高尔夫学院接受WGTF 职业教练托马斯•T•瓦特尔 (Thomas T Wartelle) 的指导。费舍尔打高尔夫球才几个月。仅从一根球杆开始就被高尔夫给迷住了。他每天都在练习,并且在比赛中取得了很大的进步。他目前效力于 Le Triomphe青少年联赛球队。费舍尔期待着参加其他青少年比赛。不打高尔夫球时,费舍尔是橄榄球队的四分卫。

Fisher is further supported by John Joy, a WGTF Top 50 teacher, U.S. Kids Golf top Instructor, and Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter. Joy is an integral part of the team at Le Triomphe Golf Academy. Fisher has recently been fitted and is now playing a new set of irons, wedges, woods and putter.
费舍尔得到了 WGTF 前 50 名教师、美国儿童高尔夫顶级教练和《高尔夫文摘》前 100 名俱乐部健身者 John Joy 的进一步支持。 Joy 是 Le Triomphe Golf Academy 团队不可分割的一部分。费舍尔最近刚刚装备了一套新的铁杆、挖起杆、木杆和推杆。

The Academy has an indoor and outdoor teaching facility featuring the latest teaching technology to provide students with the ultimate golf learning environment. The two indoor hitting bays provide the ability to launch balls onto an outdoor range from the comfort of climate-controlled teaching bays. The extensive outdoor practice area includes a large grass hitting deck, putting greens, chipping green area and sand/grass bunkers.

Golfers from around the globe visit the Academy to hone their golf skills and to enjoy world-class custom clubfitting. The repair shop is world renowned. Please visit the LT Golf Academy online for more information at http://www.ltgolfacademy.com.


来自世界各地的高尔夫球手访问该学院,以磨练他们的高尔夫技巧并享受世界级的定制球杆装备。工坊水平享誉世界。请访问 http://www.ltgolfacademy.com 在线访问 LT 高尔夫学院以获取更多信息。

In 1998 when Callaway Golf founder Ely Callaway first became apprised of the USGTF, he took a deep interest in the organization and remained a staunch supporter until his passing in 2001. Callaway’s support for the USGTF continues to this day, as Master and Certified Golf Teaching professionals are eligible for a 30% discount below wholesale price, while Associate Members are allocated a 10% discount. To take advantage of this program, please contact Lucero Padilla at Lucero.Padilla@callawaygolf.com for VIP access.

推荐产品 – 长期合作伙伴 CALLAWAY 高尔夫
1998 年,当 Callaway Golf 创始人 Ely Callaway 首次知道 USGTF 时,他对该组织产生了浓厚的兴趣,直到 2001 年去世他一直是USGTF的坚定支持者,。Callaway 对 USGTF 的支持一直持续到今天,大师级和认证的高尔夫教练都有资格享受低于批发价 30% 的折扣,而准会员则享有 10% 的折扣。 如对此计划感兴趣,请通过 Lucero.Padilla@callawaygolf.com 联系 Lucero Padilla 以获得 VIP优惠。


编辑精选-LIV 巡回赛

It has been talked about for years, but LIV Golf made its debut this past June in London. Forty-eight players teed it up, with Charl Schwartzel the tour’s first winner.

经过多年的坊间传闻,今年六月,LIV巡回赛终于在伦敦亮相。 48 名选手参加了本次的比赛,查尔•舒瓦特泽尔(Charl Schwartzel)成为LIV巡回赛的首位冠军。

LIV Golf is not without controversy, as the government of Saudi Arabia is financially backing the tour and providing the prize money. Not only that, but for the first time in golf history, players signed guaranteed contracts to become part of the tour. Those who support LIV Golf’s efforts say it’s a breath of fresh air and that it’s about time the players got compensated as well as athletes in other sports. Those who support the PGA Tour and the other existing worldwide tours say that playing for history is more important and that LIV Golf is nothing but an exhibition, not real competition.
因为沙特阿拉伯政府的财政支持并提供奖金,LIV 巡回赛并非没有争议。不仅如此,在高尔夫历史上,球员们还是第一次签署了有保障的巡回赛合同。那些支持 LIV 巡回赛的人说,这是一股新鲜空气,是时候让球员得到像其他运动项目的运动员一样的补偿了。那些支持美巡赛和其他现有世界级巡回赛的人说,为历史而战更重要,LIV 巡回赛不过是一场表演赛,而不是真正的比赛。

In response to what LIV Golf is doing, the PGA Tour announced a series of lucrative $20 million events of its own, with The Players purse coming in at $25 million. In addition, there are other lucrative opportunities now being offered to PGA Tour players.

The PGA Tour and the DP World Tour have suspended its current and former members who have played in LIV events. Legal opinions vary whether these tours have the legal right to do so and are almost certain to wind up in court over the matter.

At present, the USGTF offers no official stance on LIV Golf.

作为对 LIV 巡回赛的回应,美巡赛宣布了一系列利润丰厚的 2000 万美元赛事,其中球员的奖金为 2500 万美元。此外,现在还为美巡赛球员提供了其他有利可图的机会。


目前,USGTF 没有对 LIV 巡回赛发表官方立场。






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